Analytical Chemistry
Stay up to date on the latest advancements and applications of spectroscopy, chromatography, and other chemistry applications in the life sciences.
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As technology advances, our understanding of metabolism and the function of molecular structures progresses. Learn more about the developments in biochemistry.
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Bioimaging & Microscopy
Bioimaging and microscopy are two of the fastest-growing technologies in the life sciences. Advances in electron, confocal, light, and atomic microscopy are allowing researchers to make new discoveries and answer important biological questions.
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Bioprocessing Sponsored by MilliporeSigma
Follow the newest trends in bioprocessing, including updates on consumables, upstream processes, and downstream techniques.
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Cancer & Disease Research
This research is arguably one of the most important fields of life sciences, and scientific knowledge of disease mechanisms and therapeutic development is evolving daily. Stay up to date with the latest developments in cancer and disease research.
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Cell Biology
From bacteriology to virology and the microbiome, get updates on the developments in the field of cell biology.
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Drug Discovery & Development
Stay current in the fast-paced drug discovery and development industry from target/lead discovery to drug manufacturing and preclinical/clinical developments.
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From next-generation sequencing to synthetic biology, our understanding of how genetics affects our world is expanding. Get updates on the newest applications and breakthroughs in genomics.
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As researchers break down the complex mechanisms of the immune system, learn more about advancements in antibodies, vaccines, immunotherapies, and more.
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Life Science Informatics
Find updates on this emerging field, including bioinformatics and cheminformatics in the life sciences, as well as advancements in artificial intelligence and data mining.
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Proteomics is quickly gaining traction in the life sciences. Learn about techniques in RNA sequencing, western blotting, crystallography, and immunoassays that are helping scientists explore proteins further.
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2020 ACCP Annual Meeting
September 20-22
Bethesda, Maryland United States
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September 21-24
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