PerkinElmer offers analysis platform for cell and gene therapy research, manufacturing
September 28, 2022 -- At the BioProcess International conference in Boston, PerkinElmer launched its new Cellaca PLX Image Cytometry System, which combines image cytometer hardware, software, validated consumables, and trackable data reporting -- all in one platform. Read More
Demand for viral vectors seen outpacing capacity growth despite investment surge
September 19, 2022 -- The growth in demand for viral vectors is outpacing a push to add capacity, leading to predictions that the current supply shortage will continue despite investment in the space. Read More
Blood cancer drug halts bladder cancer growth: study
October 6, 2022 -- An epigenetics drug currently used for treating blood cancers and rare sarcomas can also stop bladder cancer growth by activating the immune system, Northwestern Medicine scientists found. Read More
Certain protein implicated in Crohn's disease, points to new therapies
October 6, 2022 -- New York University Langone Health researchers have discovered a link between the protein apoptosis inhibitor five and Crohn's disease, pointing to the potential for new therapies. Read More
Meeting on the Mesa comes at pivotal time for cell and gene therapy industry
October 5, 2022 -- Stakeholders from around the cell and gene therapy sector will come together during the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s hybrid 2022 Meeting on the Mesa, October 11-13 in Carlsbad, CA, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Read More
FDA creates “Super Office” to manage growing cell and gene therapy workload
October 4, 2022 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has elevated and reorganized its Office of Tissues and Advanced Therapies to a “Super Office” within the Center of Biologics Research and Evaluation to meet its growing cell and gene therapy workload. Read More
Research on telomerase RNA biogenesis offers antiaging potential
October 5, 2022 -- Researchers from Arizona State University and the Biodesign Institute have discovered a new pathway for producing telomerase RNA from a protein-coding messenger RNA. Read More
New crystallization method makes unstable proteins crystal clear
October 4, 2022 -- Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new cell-free protein crystallization method that enables improved analysis of unstable proteins. Read More
New drug turns COVID-19 virus against itself in animal models
September 30, 2022 -- A Scripps Research team showed that NMT5, a variation of a previously approved drug, can cause the COVID-19 virus to block infection in animals and bring about its own demise. Read More
SARS-CoV-2 mimics could make COVID-19 vaccine research safer, quicker
September 21, 2022 -- Viruslike particles, molecular mimics that look and act like SARS-CoV-2 without being infectious, are providing new tools against COVID-19 -- the disease caused by the virus. Read More
Non-psychedelic compound has similar antidepressant effect as psychedelics in mice
September 29, 2022 -- Researchers have developed a new non-psychedelic compound that hits the same brain cell target as psychedelic drugs, triggering lasting antidepressant effects in mice but without hallucinations. Read More
Biotech licenses drug discovery platform from Harvard, Tufts to study complex CNS diseases
September 28, 2022 -- Unravel Biosciences has licensed a drug discovery platform from Harvard University and Tufts University to decode and model complex central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Read More
Researchers find reactive oxygen species key to inflammation prevention; implications for IBD
October 4, 2022 -- Mount Sinai researchers have demonstrated the importance of reactive oxygen species in maintaining stem cell function and preventing inflammation during wound repair, providing greater insights into inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Read More
Mixed bag so far in 2022 for cell and gene therapy sector: ARM report
October 3, 2022 -- So far, 2022 has been a mixed bag for the cell and gene therapy sector on the regulatory and investment fronts, according to a new report from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). Read More
A monkey virus could transfer to humans, study finds
October 3, 2022 -- University of Colorado Boulder researchers are urging vigilance around an obscure family of viruses known to cause fatal Ebola-like symptoms in some monkeys. They said the virus is “poised for spillover” to humans, although that hasn’t happened yet. Read More
Mitochondria shape influences autoimmune disorders: study
September 29, 2022 -- The shape and function of the immune system’s Th17 mitochondria play a key role in autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as multiple sclerosis, new research suggests. Read More
Link between circadian disruption and cancer may have to do with temperature: study
September 28, 2022 -- Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a surprising link between circadian disruption and cancer that may have to do with temperature. Read More
Swiss researchers awaken dormant cells to fight melanoma
September 23, 2022 -- Researchers from the University of Geneva and the University Hospitals of Geneva have identified a drug-targetable mechanism whose blockage reduces metastatic melanoma cells’ resistance to treatment. Read More
Researchers identify transcription factors that restore hearing in zebrafish
September 15, 2022 -- Certain transcription factors were able to restore hearing in zebrafish through cell regeneration and could inform treatments for hearing loss in humans, according to National Institutes of Health researchers. Read More
Single-cell sequencing reveals spatial map of immune cells in early-stage lung cancer
September 14, 2022 -- Using single-cell sequencing, researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have revealed a spatial map of tumor-infiltrating B cells and plasma cells that are prevalent in early-stage lung cancers, providing a basis for finding new immunotherapy targets. Read More
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