Thermo Fisher and LabShares support biotech startups with equipment
Thermo Fisher Scientific and LabShares Newton have agreed to collaborate in providing resources to early-stage life science companies seeking to grow. The partners intend to equip biotech startups with the instruments, lab equipment, and inputs and consumables needed to develop novel therapies. Read More
Forge Biologics assembles scientific and manufacturing advisory board
Forge Biologics has created its new Scientific and Manufacturing Advisory Board filled with leaders in the field of gene therapy development and manufacturing. This independent panel represents Forge’s commitment to enhancing its gene therapy offerings through insights from experts in the field. Read More
Avantor and Cytovance enter into plasmid manufacturing agreement
Avantor and Cytovance Biologics have entered into an agreement to advance the manufacturing of plasmids. This agreement will combine Avantor’s expertise in providing cell and gene therapy materials with Cytovance’s plasmid DNA manufacturing capabilities. Read More
Dotmatics debuts new antibody discovery software
Dotmatics has launched a new end-to-end software and cloud-based data management package: Biology Solution for Antibody Discovery. Read More
RedShift BioAnalytics releases biomolecule characterization technology
RedShift BioAnalytics has launched its novel Apollo technology for advanced microfluidic modulation spectroscopy. This technology enables highly sensitive and precise measurement of biomolecules with improved efficiency and decreased sample volume compared to the company's previous AQS3 pro structural analysis technology. Read More
Ncardia launches Cellistic for iPSC cell therapy production
Ncardia has announced the launch of Cellistic, a new cell therapy manufacturing business whose focus is to optimize Ncardia’s process development and production capabilities related to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Read More
Tetanus immunity treats pancreatic cancer in mice
Pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat, and patients have not benefited from the advances in immunotherapy seen in other diseases. Now, in new research, scientists have demonstrated how the childhood tetanus vaccine could be used to activate the immune system to fight against tumors, according to a study published recently in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Read More
Can AI predict adverse events from new drug combinations?
A new artificial intelligence (AI) model may be able to help clinicians predict if new combinations of drugs will produce side effects that are worse than their potential benefit, according to research presented at this week’s annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Read More
CRISPR technique may lead to hypoallergenic cats
Love cats but have allergies? Rejoice! Scientists have demonstrated that CRISPR gene editing of the cat allergen, Felis domesticus allergen I, could bring relief to those with cat allergies, according to a proof-of-concept study published online in the CRISPR Journal. Read More
Bruker acquires Optimal companies for pharma software, technologies
Bruker has acquired biopharma solutions provider Optimal Industrial Automation and Technologies. The company said that the acquisition will strengthen it as a key software and solutions provider for small molecule, biologics, and new drug modalities pharma companies. Read More
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