Blackstone, Intellia, Cellex to launch company addressing limitations of cell therapies
Blackstone Life Sciences has committed $250 million toward the launch of a new autologous and allogeneic universal chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy company. Also taking part in the launch are Intellia Therapeutics and Cellex Cell Professionals, the parent company of GEMoaB, a clinical-stage cell therapy company. Read More
NanoString releases nCounter stem cell characterization panel
NanoString Technologies has unveiled its nCounter stem cell characterization panel for the analysis and optimization of stem cell lines for humans and mice. Read More
908 Devices adds data insights partners for Rebel system
908 Devices announced two data analysis partnerships to integrate systems with its Rebel at-line fresh and spent cell media analyzer for bioprocess labs: Sartorius' Simca and Securecell's Lucullus process information management system. Read More
Agilent debuts its full range of InfinityLab Bio LC products
Agilent Technologies has debuted three InfinityLab Bio liquid chromatography (LC) systems: the 1290 Infinity II Bio LC System with high-speed pump, the 1290 Infinity II Bio LC System with flexible pump, and the 1260 Infinity II Prime Bio LC System. Read More
PerkinElmer agrees to acquire Sirion Biotech
PerkinElmer has entered into an agreement to acquire Sirion Biotech, a provider of viral vector-based technology for cell and gene therapies. The acquisition is expected to close during the third quarter of 2021. Read More
New in vitro models offer effective way to study respiratory viruses
A new accessible and scalable protocol for manufacturing in vitro lung cell models could have applications in the development of new therapies for respiratory viral infections and drug toxicology studies on human lungs. Details about the protocol were published in Stem Cells on June 21. Read More
Labviva raises $8M to support lab supply purchasing platform
Labviva raised $8 million in seed capital funding to develop new product lines and invest in operations and customer software as a service platforms. Read More
Enochian licenses pancoronavirus/influenza inhaled treatment tech
Enochian BioSciences has acquired a license for technology that can potentially treat and prevent all variants of the coronavirus as well as influenza. Read More
MolDiscovery algorithm helps scientists find promising small molecules
A computer algorithm called molDiscovery uses mass spectrometry data from small molecules to predict the identity of unknown substances, potentially saving researchers time and money in the search for new naturally occurring products with medical uses. The new approach was reported in Nature Communications on June 17. Read More
Mentors are essential to career journeys
Regardless of your current professional status, supportive mentors are critical for helping you achieve your career goals, according to Michael Howell, PhD, chief scientific officer at DermTech. Howell recently spoke with Read More
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