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Who We Are

The Science Advisory Board (“The Science Advisory Board,” “our,” “us,” or “we”) is an international community of science and medical experts. We connect a global network of research, development, and manufacturing professionals to collaborate on shaping the future of scientific technology. Our Members share their knowledge and experience with the community, advise and consult leading life science companies, and earn rewards for their engagement.
Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst for future breakthroughs by providing a space for professionals to share, interact, and discover. By enabling them to share their opinions with the companies whose products they rely on every day, our Members have a voice in shaping the future of science technology.

To accomplish our mission, we engage research, development, and manufacturing professionals to collaborate on shaping the future of science and medicine. Expert-led teams host discussions about cutting edge technology. Members can also “Ask the Experts” by broadcasting inquiries to tens of thousands of scientists around the world.

Members participate in focus groups, individual consultancies, lab product testing, or online questionnaires. Companies use Members’ feedback to provide new offerings that better meet the needs of our community. By improving the dialogue between scientists and suppliers, we expedite the next generation of discoveries.
Membership Eligibility

Only professionals actively conducting life science research, development, or manufacturing; clinical care and testing; or related disciplines are eligible for Membership. Full-time graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are also welcome to apply for membership.

Applying for Membership

All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for Membership by registering at our Signup Page.

We review all Applications for accuracy. Application verification can take a few days. We reserve the right to reject applications based on false, incomplete or unverifiable information.

We will notify you by email whether your Membership Application has been approved or denied. If your Application is approved, you will automatically become a member of The Science Advisory Board. If your Application is denied, our email will outline common reasons for denial, and offer you an opportunity to send additional information for reconsideration.

Membership Profile

All members have an account on www.scienceboard.net. You have the right, and are encouraged to, view and update your profile information routinely. If, at any time, your personal or professional information has changed, you are responsible for updating your profile at our website.

Study Participation

Our Membership records are stored in a secure, proprietary database. This database is used to determine whether a Member meets the criteria necessary to be eligible for a research study. When a new study matches a Member's background and area of expertise, that Member is notified that a study is available for their participation. A Member’s election to not participate in a specific study or studies will not impact his or her Membership status. Honoraria are provided for successful survey completion. Honoraria for survey completion will only be awarded once per person per study.

Additional Ways to Express Your Opinions

Members with unique qualifications are invited to participate in other initiatives such as live focus groups or telephone interviews. In addition, we offer our Members the opportunity to participate in online group discussions, protocol submissions, product reviews, events, instant polls, editorials and more.

Rewarding Your Participation

Members who participate are compensated with ViewPoints and/or a chance to win a prize each time a study is successfully completed within the required timetables. Upon completion of the study, any applicable ViewPoints will be automatically added to that Member's account. Accumulated ViewPoints may be redeemed for items in the Rewards Catalog pursuant to our Member Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.

Representations and Warranties

As a condition of participating in any of our research studies, including without limitation our online surveys, onsite or electronic focus groups, individual consulting interviews, or hands-on product testing, you represent and warrant that (1) such participation and receipt of any incentive therefore does not violate any applicable policies, regulations, or laws, or conflict with any agreement you have entered into; and (2) you will participate in good faith and to the best of your ability, including answering the survey questions honestly and prudently without providing knowingly false or misleading data, or inconsistent or statistically improbable answers. These conditions and representations apply to both our Members and to all other participants. Violating these conditions and representations can result in compromised data. Therefore, we reserve the right to sanction Members and all other participants in our sole discretion, including withholding or refusing to award honoraria, if in our reasonable view, a Member or participant’s response(s) are deemed to violate these conditions or representations. We further reserve the right to withhold any honoraria awarded to a Member under false pretenses, including without limitation, a Member’s misrepresentation of their background, current employment, current laboratory applications used, current laboratory suppliers, or current area of study.


We are committed to safeguarding our Members’ privacy. Please read the details of our Privacy Policy.

Discontinuing Membership

We extend Membership, and Membership benefits, at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to discontinue your Membership if: (1) you do not participate in any of our functions (website, surveys, articles, polls, etc.) for a period of twelve (12) months; (2) the email address in your Member profile no longer accepts emails from us (e.g., bounce backs, auto-replies, server does not recognize email address, etc.); (3) you request to be added to our Do Not Send List; (4) you fail to comply with all of our applicable rules, requirements and policies; or (5) we determine in our sole discretion that your conduct is detrimental to us, our Members, or our community.

You may discontinue your Membership with us at any time for any reason. Contact us to delete your account.

Chanes to our Terms of Service

We maintain the right to change our policies, including these Terms of Service, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without prior notice. Such changes may include, without limitation, changing the terms of Membership, Terms of Service, or other policies; changing the amount of ViewPoints required to redeem particular rewards; removing any of the rewards available; or terminating rewards programs partially or wholly. If we decide to change our Terms of Service, we will post those changes on this page.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution

We are committed to working with you to obtain fair and rapid resolution of any complaints or disputes. Any dispute, claim, or controversy between you and us arising in connection with or relating in any way to your Membership will be determined by mandatory binding individual (not class) arbitration. The arbitrator will have the exclusive power to rule on his or her own jurisdiction, including any objections with respect to the existence, scope or validity of the Arbitration Agreement or to the arbitrability of any claim or counterclaim. The arbitrator may not award any relief, including declaratory or injunctive relief, benefiting anyone but the parties to the arbitration. Any arbitration will take place under the Consumer Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) then in force (the “AAA Rules”). Any arbitration hearings will take place in Arlington, Virginia.

Your Consent

By accessing our services, software and web site, you are accepting these Terms of Service, including any policies referenced herein. Your continued use of our services, software or web site constitutes your acceptance of changes to our Terms of Service or policies.


If you have questions or concerns about these Terms of Service or any of our policies, please Contact us.

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