BioTools Innovator opens 2022 applications
BioTools Innovator is now accepting applications from startups and emerging growth companies for its second annual accelerator program. The program aims to advance innovation in life science and improve human health by accelerating the growth of best-in-class startups that are developing and commercializing biotechnology products, platforms, and services. Read More
Researchers create artificial nanopores capable of detecting DNA
Scientists have designed bottom-up peptides that can form artificial nanopores to identify and enable single molecule-sorting of genetic material in a lipid membrane, according to new research published in Nature Nanotechnology on November 22. Read More
Stem cell model reveals gene expression during development of hypothalamus
Researchers created an in vitro stem cell model of the hypothalamus to study its development over different stages. In doing so, they identified several genes involved with bodily functions associated with the hypothalamus, including disorders related to sleep and reproduction, according to research published November 19 in Nature Communications. Read More
Asgard Therapeutics raises seed funding for novel in vivo cancer immunotherapy
Asgard Therapeutics, a private biotech startup based in Lund, Sweden, has raised 6 million euros (about $6.8 million) in seed financing, co-led by Novo Holdings, a global life science investor based in Hellerup, Denmark. Read More
Technology upgrades needed to address future pandemics, GAO report says
Vaccine R&D and manufacturing face many challenges despite the success of COVID-19 vaccines. This is according to a new U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. Read More
Illumina for Startups pushes boundaries of genomics by supporting early-stage companies
Most scientists are familiar with the genomics giant Illumina, which is known for its DNA sequencing technologies. However, Illumina has an accelerator program to support early-stage startups called Illumina for Startups. recently spoke with Amanda Cashin, PhD, who leads Illumina's accelerator programs in the U.S. and internationally. Read More
$2.7B oncology cell and gene therapy market projected for 2021
The global market for oncology cell and gene therapies reached $1.6 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $2.744 billion in 2021, according to a recent article in Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook, a sister subscription-based publication of Read More
Can cell therapies treat cardiovascular disease?
While the development of cell therapies today is largely focused on oncology indications, some companies, including Athersys, envision a future where these therapies could treat other diseases and conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. B.J. Lehmann, interim CEO of Athersys, spoke with about a recent panel that he participated in at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa 2021. Read More
Cellaria launches new tumor modeling platform
Cellaria has launched a new tumor modeling platform that includes a panel of cell culture media for growing cell types, an extracellular neutral collagen matrix, and protocols for testing new drug compounds. Read More
Worm that regrows its body parts can be a 'powerful system' for life sciences research
Scientists have demonstrated that Hofstenia miamia, a tiny flatworm capable of regenerating everything from its brain down to its tail, can be a powerful tool to study not only regeneration but other areas such as embryogenesis. The findings were published on November 8 in the journal Developmental Cell. Read More
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