Sciex debuts Zeno Swath DIA, OS software

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 10, 2022 -- Sciex has unveiled Zeno Swath data-independent acquisition (DIA), a digital record of a sample that can enable researchers to discover more potential biomarkers to be used in the development of clinical tests and in the discovery of new therapies.

The new product makes use of the ZenoTOF 7600 system, and the combination means the product can quantify up to two times the number of cell and plasma proteins than previously possible so that more potential biomarkers can be taken through to verification, Sciex said.

Zeno Swath DIA can be used in large population-scale proteomic studies to deliver results in a matter of weeks and run times can drop to 5 minutes with minimal compromise in proteome coverage, the firm added.

Zeno Swath DIA also allows for large numbers of proteins to be quantified from sample loadings up to 10-fold lower than previous Swath approaches, which reduces the cost per sample in large-scale studies and minimizes sample consumption from in vivo models during drug development. The product also has the possibility of large population-scale sample collection methods such as patient-centric microsampling devices.

In other Sciex news, the firm debuted its Sciex operating system (OS) software v3.0, a software that powers mass spectrometers across the Sciex portfolio and delivers better data, workflow efficiencies, and auditing advancements.

The new software is enabled for Zeno Swath DIA and features stMRM (scout-triggered Multiple Reaction Monitoring), a data-rich workflow that uses intelligent monitoring of marker compounds to trigger the acquisition of later eluting dependent transitions to identify dependent compounds. The software removes analytical dependencies of chromatographic retention times to allow for improved cycle and dwell across compound transitions, the firm said.

The software also has a central administration console that brings project management, user profiles, permissions, and security into its interface along with new language packs so customers can operate the Sciex OS software in Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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