Bruker touts multiomics platform at HUPO Reconnect 2021

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

November 16, 2021 -- Bruker touted advances in collision cross section-enabled 4D proteomics workflows on the trapped ion mobility spectrometry time-of-flight (timsTOF) multiomics platform at the Human Proteome Organization World Congress, HUPO Reconnect 2021.

The company announced it has reached a co-marketing agreement with Cellenion on the cellenONE single-cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing robotic platform. The partnership provides timsTOF SCP users with an end-to-end solution, the company said.

The cellenONE single-cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing robotic platform.
The cellenONE single-cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing robotic platform. Image courtesy of Bruker.

Bruker also highlighted its collaboration with Seer on its Proteograph product suite, saying the combination of Proteograph with timsTOF platforms allows researchers to dig deeper into the plasma proteome.

Finally, the company presented results on its expanded partnership with Preomics on its novel BeatBox technology for tissue proteomics. The combined workflow resulted in coverage of more than 4,000 protein IDs for mouse lung and 2,300 protein IDs for mouse heart muscle.

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