Bruker's Q2 earnings show recovery from COVID-19

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

August 3, 2021 -- Bruker's second-quarter earnings report illustrates recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 34% increase in revenue compared to the same period in 2020.

The company reported that revenue was up by 34.4%, totaling $570.8 million, with good performance in its divisions. Bruker Scientific Instruments' revenue was up year over year by 34.9% to $517.1 million, and Bruker Energy and Supercon Technologies was up 26.3% to $56.6 million.

The results reflect strong demand for Bruker products and a strong recovery compared to the same period in 2020, the company said.

Bruker also reported an increase in operating income under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), with $85.6 million reported in the second quarter of 2021 compared with $37.9 million in 2020. The company reported a diluted GAAP earnings per share of 38¢ for the second quarter (compared with 16¢ in 2020) and a non-GAAP diluted earnings per share of 44¢ compared with 21¢ in the same period of 2020.

Based on performance so far this year, the company raised its guidance for revenue, operating margins, and non-GAAP earnings per share in 2021.

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