Thermo Scientific introduces virtual app for handheld Raman Analyzer

November 19, 2019 -- Today, Thermo Scientific introduced a new virtual companion to the TruScan RM Handheld Raman Analyzer system for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers to help them move towards effective digitization and cloud computing.

This first-of-its-kind tool enables reprocessing of spectra using TruScan RM's algorithm in the cloud and allows for method validation without a physical sample.

The Virtual TruScan RM (VTR) app is designed to save pharmaceutical manufacturers time and money by accelerating the release of new materials into production and reducing costs related to existing global method validation processes. It can be linked to Connect, Thermo Fisher's platform for secure, cloud-based data storage, scientific analysis apps and peer collaboration tools.

"In addition to growing regulatory pressures, and 100% raw material identity verification requirements, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing sites are seeing an increase in new materials for which they must build new, thoroughly validated methods. The Virtual TruScan RM App enables globalized method validation using cloud computing to overcome many critical problems facing pharmaceutical manufacturers," said Erica Hirsch, vice president and general manager, field and safety instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "Method development and validation teams, senior scientists and compliance and quality managers bear the burden of shipping samples around the world for method validation, a challenging, time-consuming and expensive process that the VTR App is designed to reduce significantly."

The release of this new digital tools supports Thermo Fisher Scientific's continued commitment to innovation and more comprehensive digital solutions to meet customer goals.

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