Thermo Fisher launches Aquilos 2 sample prep system

November 7, 2019 -- Thermo Fischer Scientific has launched a new system designed for the preparation of thin electron-transparent samples from biological specimens.

Called Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB, the system is designed to simplify workflow for cryo-eletron tomography (cryo-ET) by reducing sample prep time and minimizing risk of contamination. The new system also provides a more precise and detailed view of specific points of interest in a sample, compared to previous models.

Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB

Aquilos 2 enables researchers to prepare a greater number samples that are thinner the what was available previously, giving researchers a clearer view of the inside of cells. Researchers can create 3D visualizations of proteins at work in their environments, which could enable them to see how those proteins and other molecules work together to carry out major processes in a cell.

The system includes integrated workflow, with dedicated hardware and software designed to improve productivity and throughput compared to previous sample prep systems. Thermo Scientific's Auto Slice and View software is integrated into Aquilos 2, and helps researchers to acquire 3D images in cryogenic conditions by sequential slicing and then capture multiple images of interiors of vitrified cells.

In addition, researchers can improve their productivity even more by using Thermo Scientific's Cryo AutoTEM software, which enables users to mark several points of interest and automatically prepare multiple samples. Dedicated hardware keeps vitrified samples frozen at all times and protected from contamination.

Aquilos 2 includes Thermo Scientific's EasyLift NanoManipulator, which allows researchers to prepare samples from targeted regions of a cell.

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