6 startups to compete for $250K grand prize at 2022 BioTools Innovator capstone event

BioTools Innovator, a global competition and accelerator supporting entrepreneurs in the life science tools industry, will hold its 2022 capstone event on October 13 in Carlsbad, CA, collocated with the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa.

Now, in its second year, the accelerator program is focused exclusively on supporting, mentoring, and advancing life science tools startup companies at all stages of fundraising. At this year's capstone event, six finalists -- selected from over 160 applicants -- will compete for a $250,000 non-dilutive grand prize and the title of 2022 BioTools Innovator.

Kathryn Zavala, PhD, managing director of BioTools Innovator, told the Science Advisory Board that the six finalists are "downstream from the early stages" and are "fully formed companies" that are looking to accelerate. Many of the companies are "platform technologies" in the areas of bioprocessing, proteomics, and single-cell technologies with applications in drug delivery and development, according to Zavala.

This year's six finalists include:

  • Ananda Devices (Laval, Quebec, Canada) -- Scalable neurons-on-a-chip platform to test toxicity and efficacy of compounds in over 3,000 human neurons in vitro in less than 30 minutes.
  • Cellbox Solutions (Hamburg/Norderstedt, Germany) -- Intelligent, active CO2 incubator for transporting living cells, organoids, and tissues under ideal conditions.
  • CellChorus (Houston and San Carlos, CA) -- The only single-cell analysis platform that evaluates in high-throughput how individual cells move, activate, interact, kill, and survive.
  • DropGenie (Montreal, Canada, and Boston) -- High-throughput low volume discovery platform that enables genome wide arrayed CRISPR screens in primary cells.
  • GenNext Technologies (Half Moon Bay, CA) -- Elucidating the critical role that protein Higher Order Structure plays in the safety, stability, and effectiveness of biotherapeutics.
  • RealSeq Biosciences (Santa Cruz, CA) -- Highly accurate small RNA detection technology allowing for real-time profiling of disease markers dramatically improving diagnosis and treatment.

At the capstone event, the six finalists will each have seven minutes to pitch their technology and answer questions from a panel of judges. Ultimately, the audience will vote in real-time and decide the winner. Visit the BioTools Innovator registration webpage to register to attend the October 13 capstone event.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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