Li-Cor supports virology research for COVID-19
July 7, 2020 -- Li-Cor Biosciences offers research solutions for therapeutics development and western blotting. Now, the company is offering researchers a special Odyssey Clx Viral Solution package at a reduced price to support COVID-19 research.
Tessera introduces new genome engineering strategy
July 7, 2020 -- Flagship Pioneering, a life science venture capital firm, has introduced Tessera Therapeutics -- a new biotechnology company that will use its Gene Writing technology to cure diseases.
Illumina acquires BlueBee to speed NGS
June 18, 2020 -- Illumina has acquired BlueBee, a Dutch genomics analysis software firm that originated as a spinoff from Delft University of Technology, in an effort to boost its next-generation sequencing (NGS) capability.
NanoString debuts products to push COVID-19 research
June 17, 2020 -- NanoString Technologies has debuted new products that advance COVID-19 research by studying the immune response of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
San Diego research institutes study spread of COVID-19
June 16, 2020 -- San Diego medical and scientific research institutes launched a large-scale COVID-19 screening research study with an initial focus on evaluating healthcare workers and first responders.
Egle, Takeda collaborate on anti-Treg immunotherapies
June 11, 2020 -- Egle Therapeutics has formed a strategic research alliance with Takeda Pharmaceutical to validate novel regulatory T-cells (Treg) targets, against which Takeda will develop potential therapies.
Akadeum, NanoCellect collaborate on cell workflows
June 10, 2020 -- Akadeum Life Sciences and NanoCellect Biomedical are partnering to develop and manufacture solutions for cell sorting. The collaboration will be focused on improving rare-cell workflows to advance cellular research applications.
Bruker releases MALDI-2 to advance mass spectrometry
June 1, 2020 -- Bruker announced a major advance in matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) with the launch of the world's first commercial MALDI-2 postionization source during the virtual American Society for Mass Spectrometry 2020 Reboot conference.
Thermo releases spectrometry products for proteomics
May 26, 2020 -- Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced an exclusive license agreement with software firm MSAID for intelligent software that uses deep learning facilitated by a neural network called Prosit. The company also announced that it is continuing an existing collaboration with Biognosys to advance data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry-based workflows.
Nautilus to bring proteomics platform to market
May 22, 2020 -- Nautilus Biotechnology announced that it has raised $76 million to develop a single-molecule sensitivity proteomics platform. The funding efforts were led by Vulcan Capital, an investment firm founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
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