AIDS 2022 research sheds new light on HIV cells
July 28, 2022 -- New research presented at the AIDS 2022 conference shows the HIV-infected memory CD4+ T-cell reservoir is a distinctive cell population that may be uniquely susceptible to specific targeted therapies. Read More
Siemens Healthineers unveils in vitro diagnostics systems at AACC 2022
July 27, 2022 -- At AACC 2022 on Tuesday, Siemens Healthineers unveiled the Atellica CI 1900 Analyzer, a clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing system and lower volume version of its on-the-market Atellica clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing solution. Read More
Research unveils opioid-receptor structure
July 25, 2022 -- A preclinical study shows in vitro evidence that reveals the preference of certain receptors to form homodimeric complexes and tetrameric complexes, which relates to the addictive effects of opioids. Read More
Multinational science teams develops non-opioid painkiller
July 21, 2022 -- A team of researchers developed a non-opioid painkiller with fewer side effects. The compound, benzyloxy-cyclopentyladenosine, is non-addictive and opens the potential for developing new analgesic drugs. Read More
Study examines effects of mutations in KRAS, which could enable earlier cancer detection
July 20, 2022 -- University of California, Santa Cruz researchers have discovered a key genetic mutation that occurs early on in cancer alters RNA “dark matter” and causes the release of previously unknown biomarkers, which could enable cancer detection earlier. Read More
Scientists identify what flips switch to activate retron’s toxins to prevent viral spread
July 18, 2022 -- European Molecular Biology Laboratory researchers have identified what flips the switch to activate a retron’s toxins to prevent a viral spread, using genetics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Read More
Researchers reveal new function of ADAR1 enzyme, linked to age-related diseases
July 18, 2022 -- Scientists from the Wistar Institute have revealed a new function of the adenosine deaminase acting on RNA 1 (ADAR1) enzyme, linking it to age-related diseases independent of RNA editing during aging. Read More
Wisc. researchers unearth secrets of talin
July 18, 2022 -- Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have built a tool to investigate the mechanical response of the R8 rod domain of talin. They found under various force cycles, the R8 domain of talin can display a memory-dependent behavior. Read More
Proteins need to ‘dance’ to function properly
July 18, 2022 -- Proteins need to wobble, shake, and quiver to function properly, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers found. The discovery may help scientists design new drugs that can modify or disrupt the “dances” of proteins to alter their functions. Read More
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