Berkeley Lights launches Culture Station for faster cell processing

January 29, 2020 -- Berkeley Lights has announced the launch of Culture Station, a modular cell culture instrument that increases workflow capacity of optofluidic platforms, specifically the company's Beacon and Lightning platforms. This new system will allow users to increase the scope, scale, and throughput of cell screening and growth processes.

Culture Station is a modular system that can maintain cell cultures of up to four OptoSelect microfluidic chips with an interactive touchscreen. Each culture has independent media and pump controls, which allows the user to customize culture conditions on each chip.

The Culture Station
The Culture Station. Image courtesy of Berkeley Lights.

The system can be expanded from four to eight chips by linking two Culture Stations together, with the combined system controlled from a single computer. Culture Station can be used with the company's Beacon and Lighting platforms for antibody discovery, cell line development, and T-cell functional analytics.

The first shipment of Culture Stations will take place in the second quarter of 2020.

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