Focus on drug-manufacturing optimization prioritizes patient health

By Andre Rickard, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

February 28, 2022 -- As medical innovations and therapeutics advance rapidly and dramatically increase in scale, there is a critical need for manufacturing processes that can keep up with this pace. This often calls for updates, overhauls, and collaboration among companies to maintain such a high standard of production.

Some of the companies currently collaborating with other companies to stay up to date on the demands of drug manufacturing are MaaT Pharma, Moderna, and Cytiva (Danaher), according to Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook, a sister publication of ScienceBoard.

MaaT Pharma-Skyepharma

MaaT Pharma is a clinical-stage microbiome therapeutics company based in France with a goal of improving survival rates in cancer and treating graft-versus-host disease. MaaT’s microbiome therapeutic products are used to treat problems relating to moderate to severe dysbiosis and are manufactured in current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) facilities with robust quality control measures. In order to expand on the strength of this manufacturing system, MaaT has entered into a partnership with Skyepharma to build France’s largest specialized cGMP manufacturing facility for ecosystem microbiome-based products. The facility will be built near Lyon, France. In addition, MaaT will have a dedicated facility within SkyeHub Bioproduction and construction will be financed by Skyepharma. Financial details of this collaboration were not disclosed.

Moderna-Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Rovi

Moderna is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a strong focus on the use of mRNA technology to develop vaccines and therapeutics for a variety of diseases, such as methylmalonic acidemia, Zika virus, cancer, and notably COVID-19. Production of these therapeutics includes the use of centralized manufacturing activities, including the production of raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations, and fill/finish. To continue to support the production of these widely used products, Moderna has entered into a long-term collaboration with Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi (Rovi) in Spain, which extends a previous manufacturing deal between the two companies. The collaboration involves a series of investments to increase capacities for the compounding, aseptic filling, inspection, labeling, and packaging of Rovi’s manufacturing facilities. This will enable Rovi to continue to manufacture Moderna’s products, specifically the COVID-19 vaccine, with improved efficiency and resources. Financial details of this collaboration were not disclosed.

Cytiva (Danaher)-Arranta Bio

Cytiva, a subsidiary of Danaher, is a life sciences company that provides technologies and services to support the development and manufacturing of a broad range of therapeutics, including vaccines, biologics, and cell and gene therapies. Cytiva’s solutions optimize production and enable rapid scaling of the biomanufacturing process to bring drugs to patients more quickly. Cytiva is also involved in offering its expertise towards optimization of biomanufacturing processes in other companies using its high-end manufacturing technologies. As a specific example, Cytiva has agreed to provide its FlexFactory single-use manufacturing platform to Arranta Bio for use in the manufacturing of mRNA vaccines. This collaboration will help improve the supply currently needed in the market for mRNA vaccines, including some of the leading COVID-19 vaccines. Financial details of this collaboration were not disclosed.

The manufacturing process is important to every drug manufacturing process, regardless of the drug type. Investment into optimizing this process can make the difference between adequately treated patients and a drug shortage. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates just how damaging this type of shortage can be. As a result, companies like MaaT Pharma, Moderna, and Cytiva (Danaher) directly work and collaborate to target the manufacturing process which contributes significantly to ensuring the health of patients across the world.

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