Beckman debuts Emnetik system for plasma prep and PCR cleanup

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 15, 2021 -- Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has launched the Emnetik system, which simplifies plasmid preparation and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) cleanup. The system consists of the Emnetik 24 benchtop device and accompanying PCR cleanup and plasmid purification kits.

EMnetik 24 uses magnetic bead-based technology to clean nucleic acids, according to Beckman Coulter. Compared to existing spin column products, the touchpoints to complete PCR cleanup with Emnetik are reduced by up to 80% from 300 to 50. Also, cleanup can be completed in 16 minutes.

Emnetik 24 can run up to 24 samples at a time, the company noted.

The Emnetik System.
The Emnetik System. Image courtesy of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.
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