Bio-Techne releases product for manufacturing

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 8, 2020 -- Bio-Techne has released GMP ProDots Proteins to support cell and gene therapy manufacturing workflows. The product will allow manufacturers to safely add proteins such as growth factors and cytokines to therapeutic cell cultures.

The good manufacturing practice (GMP)-grade product meets requirements for human therapies, and consists of packaged lyophilized spherical "dots" of protein contained within a sterile bag designed to be connected to a closed bioprocessing culture system. The products are manufactured with cytokines and growth factors from biotechnology company Research and Diagnostic Systems.

GMP ProDots Proteins address the concern of meeting patient safety and therapeutic production by allowing for a completely closed system to incorporate critical proteins for the expansion and growth of therapeutic cells. The proteins allow users to visualize the amount of proteins within each bag, adding a layer of safety to processing, according to the company.

The products are optimized for use with Bio-Techne's ExCellerate media for immune cell culture and Cloudz cell activating kits for ex vivo cell therapy manufacturing.

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