Lunaphore spatial biology platform, Indica image analysis software characterize tumor microenvironment in new research

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 15, 2022 -- Lunaphore will present new research on June 21 at the Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research revealing how its Comet spatial biology platform was used to characterize cells in the tumor microenvironment across different tumor types using an immuno-oncology panel encompassing 20 biomarkers.

Researchers developed a deep-learning classifier using Indica Labs' Halo and Halo AI image analysis software to automatically identify the tumor and stroma areas. The classifier was then used to further quantify subpopulations of tumor and immune cells of the tumor microenvironment such as lymphocytes and macrophages within the different areas of the tissue.

"Our study demonstrated that Comet can provide a robust workflow to interrogate the composition of the tumor microenvironment that is easily adaptable to any tissue and any set of markers," said Diego Dupouy, PhD, chief technology officer at Lunaphore. "Furthermore, the synergy between Comet and Indica's Halo and Halo AI image analysis software provides a seamless path to ease adoption of multiplex immunofluorescence technology and data analysis for scientists at every stage of their research."

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