Ultivue enters several partnerships for AI-powered phenomics solutions

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 13, 2022 -- Ultivue has entered into multiple partnerships to expand on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide high quality analysis of clinical trial data. Specifically, the collaborations will utilize AI technology to empower the analysis of multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) imaging and spatial phenomics. This builds upon Ultivue’s proprietary InSituPlex technology, which enables rapid multiplex analysis of biological targets in tissue samples through a combination of computational pathology and spatial biology.

This series of collaborations demonstrates Ultivue's goal of accelerating biomarker discovery and validation in tissue samples. Aspects of the collaborations include the availability of flexible image analysis solutions by Visiopharm and Indica Labs, tailored to each unique mIF assay. Additionally, collaborative agreements with Aignostics, Keen Eye, and Nucleai will allow Ultivue to provide AI technology that complements this mIF assay analysis in larger cohorts. This results in improved hands-on time per image and greater consistency of image readouts. Through Ultivue's collaboration with Paige and Zegami, the company will also be able to implement AI analytics into clinical workflows, paired with interactive image exploration and data analysis for improved quality control.

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