PerkinElmer offers analysis platform for cell and gene therapy research, manufacturing

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 28, 2022 -- At this week’s BioProcessing International conference in Boston, PerkinElmer launched its new Cellaca PLX Image Cytometry System, which combines image cytometer hardware, software, validated consumables, and trackable data reporting -- all in one platform.

PerkinElmer's Cellaca PLX Image Cytometer platform is meant to streamline the fast-growing field of cell and gene therapy research and manufacturing, while not requiring complex calibration procedures or intense training requirements.

"Pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in cell and gene therapy, but they struggle to assess the complex cell samples required to meet immense scientific demands and regulatory rigor across their research and manufacturing processes," Alan Fletcher, PerkinElmer's senior vice president for life sciences, said in a statement.

The company contends that their product is a first-of-its-kind benchtop platform enabling researchers to assess multiple critical quality attributes of cell samples in a single automated workflow, including cell identity, quality, and quantity.

Fletcher noted that "while the Cellaca PLX Image Cytometer is therapeutic area agnostic," the platform "is expected to be especially beneficial for researchers working in CAR T-cell therapy who want to streamline their phenotyping of immune cells for downstream processes."

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