PerkinElmer unveils 3 new RUO library prep kits

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 30, 2022 -- PerkinElmer debuted three new research use only (RUO) library preparation kits: Nextflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v4, Nextflex Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq Kit, and PG-Seq Rapid Kit v2.

The Nextflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v4 delivers gel-free library prep from purified microRNA (miRNA) or 1 ng of total RNA. By eliminating gel for limited input samples, the kit is suitable for automated liquid handling platforms. It produces sequence-ready small-RNA libraries in approximately six hours that allow for multiplexing of 384 samples per run using dual-index barcodes.

The Nextflex Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq Kit includes Nextflex normalization beads that provide a consistent mass and sequencing cluster density for all DNA samples in a library pool to shorten the time needed for quantification and pooling preparation of sequencing by up to three hours per 96 samples.

The PG-Seq Rapid Kit v2 analyzes picogram quantities of DNA from an embryo biopsy for preimplantation genetic research with more whole-genome coverage and accuracy, the firm said. It also allows for up to 96 sample multiplexing and includes all reagents required for cell lysis, whole-genome amplification, and indexing. The kit has the PG-Find analysis software for automatic calling of aneuploidy and copy number variants.

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