Bio-Techne announces high-sensitivity detection for Jess western blotting system

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

January 19, 2022 -- Bio-Techne has released its Stellar near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR)/infrared (IR) detection modules for Jess, an automated multichannel traditional western blotting system, under the ProteinSimple brand.

Stellar fluorescence modules enable detection of low-abundance proteins while multiplexing multiple analytes within the same detection lane. In addition, multicolor immunoassays can be run alongside total protein staining using Stellar detection modules.

ProteinSimple's Simple Western is an automated, hands-free, blot-free, western platform that delivers fully analyzed and quantified results on 24 samples in as little as three hours. The Stellar NIR/IR Modules for Jess provide low picogram sensitivity that is in the same range as Simple Western's chemiluminescence detection, the company said.

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