Bio-Techne launches Abby automated western system

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 8, 2021 -- Bio-Techne announced that its brand ProteinSimple has released Abby, its next-generation chemiluminescence system that automates traditional western blotting.

The new system offers picogram-level sensitivity through chemiluminescence detection along with the ability to perform sequential immunoassays using RePlex. The product comes with the latest version of the company's Compass software for its Simple Western product family that adds to its data analysis tools extensive lane view annotation capabilities that save time spent editing in other programs.

Simple Western systems are automated, hands-free, blot-free, western platforms that deliver fully analyzed and quantitated results on 24 samples in as little as three hours. The RePlex feature enables detection of phosphorylated target and total target levels as well as the ability to multiplex multiple targets in consecutive immunoassays. RePlex also allows total protein detection to be performed within the same capillary as an immunoassay, the company said.

ProteinSimple will also soon release its Stellar NIR and IR modules for Jess, an automated traditional western blotting system. The Stellar fluorescence modules for Jess provide low picogram sensitivity that is in the same range as Simple Western's chemiluminescence detection.

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