Harvard launches Pluto Biosciences collaboration platform

By Leah Sherwood, The Science Advisory Board assistant editor

August 17, 2021 -- The Harvard Wyss Institute has launched Pluto Biosciences, a new startup offering a cloud-based collaboration platform for researchers that incorporates technology developed within the institute's Predictive Bioanalytics Initiative.

Pluto Biosciences combines an intuitive design with native biological data storage and analysis within a collaborative online environment. Pluto plans to make the technology more broadly available to researchers in academia and biotech, providing an interactive, online home for their lab data.

The platform is the creation of Rani Powers, PhD, founder and CEO of Pluto. It interfaces with third-party bioinformatics and next-generation sequencing services, eliminating the need for large data transfers between services. Pluto also includes access to thousands of publicly available experiments that researchers can compare to their own work.

In the coming months, Pluto plans to expand the list of organisms, experiment types, and analysis modules its product supports, including launching new features for predictive analysis and biomarker identification. The Pluto team is also implementing algorithms for comparisons across datasets.

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