BrickBio spins out EnCapsid with new AAV platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

January 7, 2021 -- BrickBio has spun out a new Boston-based gene therapy company, EnCapsid, focused on developing enhanced adeno-associated virus (AAV) delivery vectors using technology that enables precise modification of AAV capsids and creating a new class of AAVs.

These novel AAVs will expand the number of treatable diseases and the cargo capacity of the AAV to allow for a more efficient CRIRSPR-Cas9 delivery vehicle.

EnCapsid's proprietary AAV engineering provides a flexible platform to precisely conjugate any entity onto a capsid, such as small molecules, peptides, nucleotides, and proteins (including antibodies). Moreover, the platform ensures selectivity of targeted delivery and cloaks the AAV against neutralizing antibodies while maintaining the fragile structure of the capsid.

BrickBio expands antibody-drug conjugate programs
BrickBio said it has received positive data on its first clinical novel antibody-drug conjugate candidate for treating breast cancer and gastric cancer.
BrickBio advances conjugation platform for therapeutic development
BrickBio has demonstrated the power of its conjugation platform process for the commercial development of biologics in-house and with pharmaceutical partners.

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