BrickBio advances conjugation platform for therapeutic development

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 2, 2020 -- BrickBio has demonstrated the power of its conjugation platform process for the commercial development of biologics in-house and with pharmaceutical partners.

The technology, which involves inserting unnatural amino acids (UAAs) at any site within a protein or antibody at commercial scale, has rapidly evolved in the last year, according to James Italia, the company's vice president of commercial development. The platform has recently been validated with data and optimized to allow high throughput for the company's internal efforts, as well as expanded capacity to undertake new pharmaceutical partnerships and co-development initiatives.

The company retains the exclusive rights to use its technology platform for therapeutic development and production.

BrickBio believes it can revolutionize the field of protein therapeutics and antibody drug conjugates using its diverse toolbox of attachment handles (UAAs) to expedite new therapeutics to the clinic, repurpose existing therapeutics, and rescue failed biologics.

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