Waters introduces new line of chromatography columns

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

October 15, 2020 -- Waters has launched Acquity Premier columns, a family of premium sub-2-μm columns that feature the company's MaxPeak high-performance surface (HPS) technology.

The new product helps solve a problem that has long plagued scientists: adsorption of sample analytes to the interior wall of steel analytical columns.

Waters Acquity Premier columns.
Waters Acquity Premier columns. Image courtesy of Waters.

The MaxPeak HPS technology featured in the columns is a hybrid organic/inorganic surface technology that forms a barrier surface layer between the sample and the stainless steel column.

The Acquity Premier columns are suitable for small molecule and biopharmaceutical applications and incorporate the company's established sub-2-μm technologies, including bridged/ethyl hybrid (BEH) for maximum column stability, charged surface hybrid (CSH) for mass spectrometry analysis, and high strength silica (HSS) for increased retention when analyzing challenging polar compounds.

The columns are now available for sale by Waters globally.

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