Scientists achieve milestone in animal-free production of biologics
For the first time, scientists have successfully produced sugar-based biologic molecules utilizing bacteria, without the need for animal products. The paper, published in Nature Communications on March 2, describes the production of a common designer polysaccharide, chondroitin sulfate. Read More
DNA Script to contribute to DARPA's mobile vaccine manufacturing platform
DNA Script has been selected by GE Research to join a collaboration to develop a rapid response, mobile medical manufacturing platform to enable on-demand production of nucleic acid-based vaccines and therapies. The project is part of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program. Read More
Mesoblast gets $110M in financing from investor group
Mesoblast has entered into a subscription agreement to form a limited partnership with SurgCenter Development, a U.S.-based investor group, for a total of $110 million via the issue of 60 million shares. Read More
WuXi AppTec acquires Oxgene, adding to its CGT capabilities
WuXi AppTec has completed the acquisition of Oxgene, a U.K.-based contract research and development organization that designs and develops scalable gene therapy technologies. The acquisition will allow WuXi to provide its customers with end-to-end support in the creation and development of cell and gene therapies (CGT), according to the company. Read More
Phio, AgonOx partner on T cell-based cancer immunotherapies
Phio Pharmaceuticals and AgonOx have announced a partnership to develop T cell-based cancer immunotherapies. Read More
Pharmaron expands CGT capabilities in U.K.
Pharmaron has purchased Allergan Biologics (ABL) for $118.7 million from AbbVie, expanding its cell and gene therapy (CGT) capabilities in the U.K. Read More
SalioGen closes $20M to finance nonviral gene therapy development
SalioGen Therapeutics has closed $20 million in financing to advance its exact DNA integration technology platform for nonviral gene therapy. Read More
Veranome unveils complete spatial omics workflow
Veranome Biosystems has unveiled its complete sample-to-insight high-plex spatial omics workflow enabled by the company's Pisces technology. Read More
Rebus Biosystems debuts its Epser spatial omics platform
Rebus Biosystems has debuted its Esper spatial omics platform to advance the study of tissue biology and innovations in neuroscience, cancer, infectious disease, and immunology research. Read More
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