Thermo Fisher and Matrix partner on mobile research vans

April 26, 2022 -- PPD, a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has partnered with Matrix Clinical Trials to offer mobile research vans for decentralized clinical trials. The companies hope that Matrix mobile research sites will increase the accessibility of clinical trials to a more diverse group of patients.

The use of these mobile research sites will allow clinical trials to be brought closer to a broader population of patients, reducing barriers to participation in these studies. As a result, people from underrepresented backgrounds can more easily participate in clinical trials without having to travel great distances away from their homes to areas that may not be readily accessible to them.

The solution involves utilizing clinical staff across the U.S. to aid in the recruitment and retention of clinical trial participants, promoting safe and highly representative clinical trials across wider geographies. This solution is intended to increase patient diversity in clinical trials, while also creating a more positive experience for patients in terms of cost, access, and consistency in their clinical trial participation.

As a result, this initiative encourages the production of high-quality data from a more representative patient population with fewer study dropouts, according to the companies.

Matrix mobile research site. Image courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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