Advances in gene therapy call for education, patient advocate says

April 26, 2022

Durhane Wong-Rieger, board chair of Rare Diseases International, spoke to at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Med last week in Barcelona, Spain, following a panel on trends and challenges in gene therapy.

Wong-Rieger noted the possibilities that have arisen with the advent of new gene therapy forms, including the growing potential to treat diseases that have not yet been considered as candidates for gene therapy.

"The exciting thing for me in this meeting was that there was a recognition that yes, the science is there, and we have to be mindful of the challenges and the opportunities in the science, but also in the whole ecosystem," Wong-Rieger said.

Education and information for patients about the challenges and risks as well as the benefits of these gene therapies will be critical to their success, Wong-Rieger stressed.

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