5 takeaways from the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

By Samantha Black, PhD, ScienceBoard editor in chief
October 21, 2021

In this final episode of our coverage from the 2021 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa, hosted by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, ScienceBoard.net Editor-in-Chief Samantha Black, PhD, discusses five takeaways from the event.

In this video, which originally aired on Thursday, October 14, Black discusses a session titled "What Cell and Gene Therapy Investors Are Looking for Now." The moderator, Phil Vanek, PhD, chief technology officer of Gamma Biosciences, probed panel experts about what they think will be successful in the future for the cell and gene therapy industry.

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Below are five takeaways from the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa:

  1. Collaboration is key. Collaboration involves the efficient transfer of information and experiences to provide a more seamless experience for patients. Collaboration for many companies can also come in the form of formal partnerships to help advance specific therapies to market.
  2. Standardization is needed. The industry needs to work toward interoperability of manufacturing and clinical processes to ensure regulatory success.
  3. Innovation is happening fast. One positive that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the industry now knows what it is capable of achieving. There are many lessons learned that can be transferred to cell and gene therapies.
  4. The industry must be resilient. The cell and gene therapy and biopharmaceutical industry can't be hindered by supply chain shortages or other challenges. Companies used this opportunity to set up fail-safe systems and redundancies to ensure that products can be safely and effectively delivered to patients.
  5. The industry has switched to a patient-first mentality. As the industry has gained maturity and the pipeline of products grows, the industry can better serve patients. One exciting avenue is the broadening of cell and gene therapies beyond monogenic diseases into more complex diseases.
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