$10M collaboration to advance development of genomics, imaging for cancer immunotherapy
A $10 million collaboration between the Mark Foundation, Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute, and the Johns Hopkins University seeks to advance the development of next-generation genomics and imaging platforms for cancer immunotherapy. Read More
Role of key gene in developmental disability identified
A single gene previously found to be the driving force in a rare syndrome linked to epilepsy, autism, and developmental disability has now been identified as central to the formation of healthy neurons. Read More
Triggering memory B cells directly in lungs seen as way to improve vaccines
How can the efficacy of vaccines used to protect against viral respiratory diseases such as influenza and COVID-19 be increased? The triggering of memory B cells directly in the lungs could be a promising method, according to scientists. Read More
Programmable mRNA antibiotics show potential to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains are growing worldwide, with traditional antibiotics increasingly failing. However, programmable mRNA could be the solution to the problem, according to researchers. Read More
Harvard-led study reveals how immune cells learn to discern friend from foe
A new study led by researchers at Harvard Medical School has identified a new mechanism that explains how T cells learn to distinguish friend from foe in order to detect and disable harmful agents while sparing the body's own tissues. The study was published on June 16 in the journal Cell. Read More
Bruker unveils various new instruments, software at Analytica 2022
Bruker launched various scientific instruments, software, and other products at Analytica 2022, which took place June 21-24 in Munich. Read More
Limiting gene interactions can prevent melanoma
When it comes to melanoma, a new study published this month in the journal Nature Communications found that limiting interactions of the genes NRAS-BRAF could prevent the formation of the NRAS mutant that causes melanoma. Read More
Berkeley Lights highlights research, products at ESCAT 2022
Berkeley Lights is participating in the 27th Annual European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESCAT), June 26-29 in Lisbon, in symposium sessions and by showcasing its products at a vendor booth. Read More
Illumina, Merck develop new oncology assay
Illumina codeveloped a research test with Merck that assesses a new genomic signature with its TruSight Oncology 500 assay. Read More
Labcorp partners with HealthVerity on real-world data
Labcorp is partnering with HealthVerity, an identity, privacy, governance, and exchange company, to access fully interoperable, HIPAA-compliant real-world data from the U.S.’s largest ecosystem of healthcare and consumer data. Read More
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