Cell therapy startup NKILT Therapeutics takes novel approach to targeting leukemia

Founded in the summer of 2021, biotech startup NKILT Therapeutics is developing a novel approach of engineering natural killer (NK) cells to directly target leukemias first, and later solid tumors.

Science Advisory Board spoke with Raphaël Ognar, co-founder and CEO of NKILT Therapeutics, earlier this month at the 2022 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa in Carlsbad, CA.

Ognar described the company's platform which takes an allogeneic approach using armored NK cells that not only directly kill cancer cells but are designed to activate innate immunity and directly target the tumor's defense mechanisms.

"We have now this foundation data that we can build upon to move to the next phase that is going to be expanding the proof of concept," said Ognar. "Once we have done this, we should be ready by the second half of next year to go for a larger fundraising round."

Watch this video to learn more.

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