Twist Bioscience launches 96-plex library prep kit

By Monish Makena, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

December 21, 2021 -- Twist Bioscience has released the Twist 96-Plex Library Prep Kit, a high-performance, cost-effective preparation kit for next-generation sequencing (NGS).

New methods in genotyping by sequencing have unlocked the potential for NGS to improve not only the quality and quantity of data but also to significantly improve lab workflows and reduce sample prep costs, according to the firm.

The kit (formerly Riptide from iGenomX) can multiplex up to 960 samples while limiting the reagent volume required for later reactions and reducing the hands-on processing required for each sample. The Twist 96-Plex Library Preparation Kit provides more complete genetic information than microarrays, the company said, which results in increased statistical power for genotyping studies and enables researchers to obtain greater biological insights at a higher scale and lower cost. The kit uses a small amount of sequencing data to generate high-quality genotype calls across the entire genome.

Twist launched the new product after completing its acquisition of iGenomX in June 2021.

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