Sony introduces new closed-cell isolation system

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

January 13, 2022 -- Sony has introduced a new cell isolation system, the CGX10. The CGX10's design enables the sorting of cells in a manner that is entirely closed off from the outside environment, making it possible to analyze and isolate cells while maintaining a sterile state.

The CGX10 features the ability to use up to 10 parameters to isolate a single cell, and the signal is based on excitation from four lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 638 nm) to detect target cells of interest. By controlling fluidics, cell damage is minimized, allowing for a high viability of sorted cells. Furthermore, Sony added, the instrument uses fully disposable, single-use plastic tubing and components so any risk of cross-contamination between samples is avoided.

Sony is expected to begin deliveries of the CGX10 in the fall of 2022.

The Sony CGX10 cell isolation system.
The Sony CGX10 cell isolation system.
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