IsoPlexis acquires sequencing methodology IP

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 25, 2021 -- IsoPlexis has acquired an intellectual property (IP) portfolio of 86 patents related to DNA and RNA sequencing, which it is integrating into its single-cell proteomics platforms to enable a series of next-generation assays that incorporate multiple omic modalities.

The company's patent portfolio now includes sequencing methodologies that will increase the depth of resolution into connections between the genome and the proteome of cancer immunology, cell and gene therapy, and neurological disease. The acquired assets will enable integration of IsoPlexis' proprietary proteomics technologies with proprietary sequencing-based technologies.

The company's proprietary functional proteomics platform includes instruments, chip consumables, and software that has the potential to reveal a more complete view of protein function at an individual cellular level, according to the firm.

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