DNA Script to contribute to DARPA's mobile vaccine manufacturing platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 2, 2021 -- DNA Script has been selected by GE Research to join a collaboration to develop a rapid response, mobile medical manufacturing platform to enable on-demand production of nucleic acid-based vaccines and therapies. The project is part of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program.

The five-year project, totaling $41 million, was awarded as part of DARPA's Nucleic Acids On-Demand World-Wide (NOW) program. DNA Script will receive up to $9.35 million as part of the agreement.

The collaboration aims to create a platform that can produce thousands of ready-to-use vaccine doses at sites of need in fewer than three days. The platform will use DNA Script's enzymatic DNA platform to fuel GE's industrial-scale, nucleic acid amplification production capability. DNA Script's Syntax enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS) system prints high quality nucleic acids in a compact benchtop instrument without the need for toxic solvents or special conditions that are part of traditional nucleic acid synthesis procedures.

The platform will be used to better prepare deployed forces against biothreat attacks and emerging infectious diseases, as well as for humanitarian operations.

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