Curadigm collaborates with Sanofi on combo product to improve gene therapies

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

January 26, 2021 -- Nanobiotix, through its wholly owned subsidiary Curadigm, has signed a new collaboration agreement with Sanofi for the use of its Nanoprimer technology to improve gene therapy development.

Following the selection of a project involving the company's Nanoprimer technology, Curadigm will enter into a one-year agreement with Sanofi for direct funding and scientific exchanges. The goal of the project is to establish proof of concept for Nanoprimer as a combination product that could improve treatment outcomes for gene therapy product candidates.

Nanoprimer is proprietary technology invented at Nanobiotix and licensed to Curadigm for development and commercialization. The Nanoprimer is designed to precisely and temporarily occupy therapeutic clearance pathways in the liver that could improve the effectiveness of promising nucleic acid-based gene therapies. Delivered intravenously, immediately prior to recommended therapy, the technology acts to prevent rapid clearance, thereby increasing the bioavailability and accumulation of therapeutics in the targeted tissues.

Nanobiotix expects that the Curadigm team will continue to seek partnerships across drug classes for its combination product candidate with a particular focus on RNA-based therapies.

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