Researchers discover ‘QR code’ of GPCR protein couplings
December 6, 2022 -- Scientists from cancer research and treatment center City of Hope have identified how the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) works, which could further investigations of how the protein’s coupling with other proteins can impact how cells respond to medicines with fewer side effects. Read More
Opioids could be made safer by targeting sodium pockets: study
December 5, 2022 -- Chemically linking fentanyl to the sodium pockets that exist within nerve cell receptors could block the drug's harmful side effects and still reduce pain, according to a new study. Read More
New approach facilitates natural products drug discovery
December 2, 2022 -- A new approach to natural products drug discovery integrates information from molecular biology, analytical chemistry, and bioinformatics to help address the current challenges of screening these products to identify potential drugs. Read More
New AI-based framework holds promise for drug discovery
December 1, 2022 -- Using the artificial intelligence (AI) method of convolutional neural networks, researchers in China developed a new framework for finding novel drug candidates. Read More
Computerized approach may boost drug discovery
November 29, 2022 -- University of Texas at Dallas and Novartis Pharmaceuticals researchers have created a computer-based platform that could make the currently lengthy and expensive drug discovery process more effective, more efficient, and less costly. Read More
Scripps Research identifies new drugs to cut alcohol use in PTSD survivors
November 21, 2022 -- Scripps Research scientists have identified a class of drugs that decreases alcohol preference and intake as well as other behaviors associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), such as aggression, excessive fear, and hyperarousal. Read More
Bio-Rad launches new antibody discovery platform
November 18, 2022 -- Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the Pioneer Antibody Discover Platform, a new antibody discovery service designed to develop "best-in-class" biologic candidates. Read More
Keen Therapeutics collaborates with Chemical.AI to boost drug R&D
November 15, 2022 -- Biotechnology startup Keen Therapeutics and artificial intelligence technology company Chemical.AI have announced a milestone in their collaboration. Leveraging Chemical.AI's automated synthesis lab and ChemFamily products, Keen contends it has been able to expedite their drug discovery processes, particularly in their study of ferroptosis. Read More
Stem cell-derived organoids offer new model for research on parathyroid diseases
October 28, 2022 -- Researchers from University Medical Center Groningen have found that patient-derived parathyroid organoids could pave the way for future physiology studies and drug-screening applications. Read More
Computational tool maps position of water molecules within crystal structures
October 25, 2022 -- Researchers at New York University, in collaboration with scientists at the biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, have developed a new computational tool that can quickly and efficiently map the position of water molecules within crystal structures, potentially aiding drug development. Read More
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