Bio-Rad launches new antibody discovery platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

November 18, 2022 -- Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the Pioneer Antibody Discover Platform, a new antibody discovery service designed to develop "best-in-class" biologic candidates.

The platform features a phage display library engineered to include more than 200 billion unique sequences and capable of identifying high-affinity antibody candidates using Bio-Rad's SpyDisplay selection technology. The antibody library is optimized for candidates that are suitable for drug development, according to the company.

In addition, the platform is tailored to each client's specific requirements and uses Bio-Rad's TrailBlazer technology to provide prototypes of therapeutic antibodies in a variety of formats for streamlined lead identification.

Customers will receive the final immunoglobulin G quantification (IgG) antibodies functionally characterized with a complete data package and sequences, and they will have exclusivity and ownership of the antibody sequences, the company said.

To learn more about the Bio-Rad Antibody Discovery Platform, visit the company's website.

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