Frontier to produce RBT-9 for COVID-19 clinical trial

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 23, 2020 -- Frontier Scientific is collaborating with Renibus Therapeutics to develop a COVID-19 therapeutic drug.

The company said that it identified and developed multiple synthetic processes to produce stannous protoporphyrin (SnPP), the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Renibus' RBT-9 investigational drug for treatment of COVID-19. RBT-9 has been granted a fast-track designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has shown both antiviral and immune-modulating activities in preclinical studies.

Frontier said it developed a scalable process to enable RBT-9 to be produced under commercial good manufacturing practices protocols for use in human clinical trials, according to the company. Renibus will be performing a phase II clinical trial for RBT-9 in treating COVID-19 patients who are at high risk of deteriorating health due to age or comorbid conditions such as kidney or cardiovascular disease.

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