Dante Labs offers free whole-genome sequencing services to scientists

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 11, 2020 -- Dante Labs, an Italy-based commercial genomics laboratory, announced it has started a program to support global scientific research on the novel coronavirus. As part of this program, the company will be offering 200 free human whole-genome sequencing tests to scientists working on coronavirus-related research.

The tests that Dante Labs will provide are meant to sequence the DNA of individuals affected by SARS-CoV-2 against a combination of genomic, molecular, and virology data to learn how different genes determine a person's reaction to the virus.

Giving coronavirus tests to scientists is only the first part of Dante Labs' program. The company will conduct a variety of genomic studies on samples from around the world to support society in responding to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, according to CEO Andrea Riposati.

Researchers from any country can participate in the program.

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