Labster enhances educational experience for microbiology students

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 25, 2022 -- According to real-world studies conducted by Manuela Tripepi, PhD, assistant professor of biology and course director for microbiology at Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Life Sciences, undergraduate microbiology students have benefited academically from the implementation of Labster educational technology into their curriculum. Tripepi compared the learning outcomes among undergraduate students using Labster to those using traditional materials in preparation for laboratory exercises. Specifically, Tripepi sought to understand the utility of Labster in her microbiology course, which was entirely online at one point due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After seeing the positive feedback among students using Labster in preparation for laboratory exercises, Tripepi also compared the grades of students using Labster in her microbiology course with those using traditional reading materials. This study demonstrated grades that were 19% higher in the group using Labster compared to the traditional group when administered the same exact test. In addition, students in the Labster group were consistent with Tripepi's previous study in showing positive feedback about their experience using Labster in the curriculum.

Some highlights among the Labster group were 100% of students preferring Labster's interactives simulations as pre-laboratory material over traditional textbooks and lab manuals, as well as 90.71% feeling more confident about conducting in-person labs after practicing with Labster simulations.

As a result of these innovative studies, Tripepi has been awarded the 2021 Labster STEM Excellence Teacher of the Year Award.

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