NanoString displays CosMx SMI at 4th Annual Spatial Genomics Summit

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 25, 2022 -- NanoString Technologies has announced the commercial unveiling of the CosMx spatial molecular imager (SMI) to occur at the fourth annual virtual Spatial Genomics Summit. CosMx SMI is a spatial multiomics solution enabling rapid quantification and visualization of up to 1,000 RNA and 100 validated protein analytes at single-cell and subcellular resolution of intact formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded and fresh frozen tissue samples.

With a tunable workflow from high-plex to high-throughput, CosMx enables discovery research by providing high-plex and unbiased whole-slide analysis, as well as translational research with low-plex, high-throughput biology-driven analysis. CosMx SMI is a complete sample-to-result in situ analysis platform with integrated cloud-based data analysis and visualization software.

In addition to the platform unveiling, NanoString is initiating a spatial pioneer program. The program provides customers the opportunity to be among the first to receive a CosMx instrument following its expected commercial launch in late 2022. As part of the program, researchers will have the opportunity to begin generating data on their samples through the Technology Access Program in advance of receiving their instrument.

New approaches to interrogating underlying biology are required to understand complex disease, which is why NanoString hosts the Spatial Genomics Summit. The summit showcases novel techniques that provide spatial context to high-plex molecular profiling. Attendees will learn about the latest innovations in spatial biology and will have the opportunity to join one of two concurrent presentations describing spatial genomics techniques and applications.

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