Lumicks introduces novel C-Trap product at Biophysical Society annual meeting

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 23, 2022 -- Lumicks has introduced a new innovative C-Trap to its portfolio at the 66th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco, California. Lumicks will also rebrand its existing flagship C-Trap product line into C–Trap Dymo.

The technological advances embodied in Lumicks's C-Trap technology have played a role in advancing scientific discoveries and led to approximately 100 peer-reviewed papers in leading scientific journals over the past five years, according to the firm. The C-Trap portfolio is now complemented by the new C–Trap Edge, which is dedicated to support important surface related applications, such as cytoskeletal structure and transport and mechanobiology where current tools are not sufficient to manipulate, observe, and measure the mechanism of action in real-time.

C-Trap Dymo & Edge products. Image courtesy of of Lumicks.

The C-Trap Dymo combines state-of-the-art optical tweezers with microfluidics and confocal or stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy. The C-Trap Dymo is a proven solution for impactful science in important application areas such as DNA-binding proteins, protein folding, and biomolecular condensates.

Lumicks is a leading life science tools company advancing science and improving human health by unlocking the measurement of forces and interactions in biology.

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