Stemcell, Hubrecht to partner on noncancer organoids

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

August 18, 2021 -- Stemcell Technologies and Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) have signed an agreement to use tissue-derived organoids for preclinical toxicology screening and noncancer drug development services.

The tissue-derived organoids include lung, intestinal, and liver experimental models derived from adult stem cells present in epithelial tissues. Expansion and differentiation of these stem cells gives rise to functional organoids.

HUB's organoids offer a patient-specific way of assessing the efficacy and toxicity of drugs during preclinical screening, according to the firms. By closely mimicking human biology, the models can be used to more accurately predict patient response to treatment than traditionally used systems.

Under the deal, Stemcell will be the exclusive provider of cell culture media for all HUB organoids. Stemcell will perform preclinical toxicology screening and noncancer drug testing and validation services. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

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