Bio-Rad launches new StarBright dyes for flow cytometry

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 8, 2021 -- Bio-Rad Laboratories has unveiled three new StarBright dyes geared toward flow cytometry applications.

The StarBright Violet 570, 670, and 710 dyes all feature improved brightness and precise excitation and emission spectra, enabling their use in multicolor flow cytometry plans, according to the vendor. Researchers can now choose from a range of fluorescent nanoparticles conjugated to validated flow antibodies, Bio-Rad said.

All three dyes are compatible with new and existing protocols and are also highly stable and resistant to bleaching, according to the company. They also work with common staining buffers and provide reliable Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET), Bio-Rad said.

The dyes are compatible with the firm's ZE5 cell analyzer and S3e cell sorter, as well as other conventional and spectral flow cytometers.

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