GE launches super-resolution microscope

September 24, 2019 -- GE Healthcare announced the newest addition to their collection of microscopes, the DeltaVision OMX Flex super-solution microscope, on September 18. EDGE confocal technology will help researchers view cells in extreme detail without compromising speed, depth or clarity. The microscope uses structured illumination microscopy (SIM), a highly stable, multichannel imaging platform integrated with EDGE technology.

A visual of cell division in a HeLa cell through the DeltaVision OMX super-resolution microscope.

"Scientists are increasingly using live cell samples to capture dynamic biological processes in real-time. So the demand is that imaging tools must deliver faster, higher-resolution, and deeper imaging –but using as little light as possible so they can successfully keep the cells alive," says Emmanuel Abate, General Manager, Genomics & Cellular Research, GE Healthcare Life Sciences. "The new OMX FLEX provides even more ways for our research customers to interrogate their samples and gain more insights."

DeltaVision OMX Flex has capabilities to capture the exact details of cell division with great clarity and contrast. The EDGE enhanced confocal technique uses an innovative approach to measure and remove the out-of-focus light contribution that can otherwise remain in traditional line-scanning confocal images. The microscope significantly reduces the effects of photobleaching, or excess light exposure, that is a problem in many current imaging techniques. This image quality enhancement is especially prominent for cells grown in 3D culture such as spheroids and organoids, where out-of-focus light dramatically and negatively affects image contrast. Applications for this technology are multidisciplinary benefiting researchers in molecular and cellular biology, virology, cancer research, and beyond.

"Based on the growing needs of researchers to image more complex 3D samples, we integrated our proven IN Cell 6500HS EDGE enhanced confocal technology onto the DeltaVision OMX platform." Say Prachi Bogetto, Diagnostics Segment Leader, GE Healthcare Life Sciences. "This emerging confocal capability gives enhanced contrast through the increased depth of these 3D samples. Combined with the other modes, the DeltaVision OMX Flex lets researchers easily switch between imaging modes and go from a micro- to a nanoview of tissues, cells, and organelles."

The DeltaVision OMX Flex is commercially available now.

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