DIANT licenses continuous manufacturing tech

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

November 13, 2020 -- The University of Connecticut has licensed its continuous manufacturing technology for pharmaceutical nanoparticles to DIANT Pharma.

The platform is a continuous manufacturing system for nanoparticle drug delivery systems. It is specifically designed for liposomal formulations but can work with a range of nanoparticles such as lipid nanoparticles, polymeric micelles, and emulsions. The system offers high control over particle size, high throughput, and a small footprint.

The technology was developed by Antonio Costa and Diane Burgess of the university with more than $5 million in funding from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Burgess and Costa formed DIANT Pharma in 2019.

The technology is ready to work in good manufacturing practice facilities, according to DIANT.

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