Thermo Fisher launches closed cell processing system

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

October 15, 2020 -- Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Gibco CTS Rotea counterflow centrifugation system, a modular, closed cell therapy processing system for cell therapy development and manufacturing.

The CTS Rotea system was designed to help manufacturers overcome difficulties with technology transfer, scalability, high costs, and complex processes involved with cell therapies. The cell processing system allows for processes to be decoupled, thus improving facility and equipment utilization. Moreover, the system can be utilized from research through process development and into commercial manufacturing, resulting in more cost-effective transfer and scale-out of processes.

The system consists of an instrument, a closed sterile single use kit, and user-programmable software. It can support a broad range of protocols for cell separation, washing, and concentration with a cell recovery yield of greater than 95%.

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